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Photogravure Printmaking
Tariq Dajani

A combined workshop consisting of a photographic shoot, image editing/processing, and direct-to-plate (DTP) photogravure printmaking using a traditional etching press to produce unique, hand-crafted photogravure prints. Tuition and technical assistance will be provided at all stages. Note: the final images and prints will be in black and white.

Tariq is a photographer, printmaker, artist, currently based in northern Spain. Born to Palestinian-English parents, he grew up across Europe and the Middle East which shaped his cultural and ethnically diverse outlook on life. An early creative interest in music and art later led him to photography and printmaking. Over a period of 25 years, he learned his craft working both as an artist and as a commercial photographer for advertising and design agencies, based in London, Stockholm and Dubai. He gradually developed a style that resonated with the truth and emotion that he was seeking. Recurring themes in his work relate to identity, belonging, and his Arab heritage.Prints of his works are owned by art lovers and collectors worldwide, and are included in several public and private collections. Tariq recognises the need for quality and technical excellence, but above all he strives for emotional content to enrich his art work with depth and meaning. He believes that the actual process of seeing, feeling, taking and making a final artwork are a combination of mind, body and tools, but for the work to be successful and have meaning, it is ultimately the heart that chooses the path the work takes. Tariq now spends most of his time working on art projects and tutoring in photography and photogravure printmaking in his farmhouse studio in Spain. He combines creative interests with a healthy lifestyle connecting to nature, working on his organic farm with his partner and their family of Saluki dogs and Arabian horses.

Workshop on Documentary Photography and Human Rights
Míkel Ponce & David Linuesa

The workshop aims to consolidate young photographers’ knowledge to develop a documentary project centered on Human Rights and international development cooperation, focusing on the idea of Roots as a main concept to be explored through image. In this regard, this 5-days activity will combine theory and practice by working with photography and video to get the most out of the camera and enrich the projects and their narrative with a broader and complementary language that opens new communication channels, not only in a creative approach but also in the subsequent exhibition of the works. In this way, the facilitators will seek to provide participants with the necessary skills to resolve different situations that they may encounter, when photographing a scene or a portrait, recording video interviews or dealing with different subjects depending on the tools they have available. The extensive experience of Míkel Ponce and David Linuesa, both expert photographers with an innovative multimedia approach to photography and audiovisual language, will offer the ideal creative space to support the learning process of the participants.

Bio Míkel Ponce (Albacete, 1970) - Spain
Mikel studied Image and Sound at the CEV, Madrid with a specialization in documentary photography and photojournalism. He began his photographic career travelling in Haiti and the Dominican Republic photographing Haitian immigrants in sugar cane fields. In 2000 joined ABC newspaper, working as a photojournalist and graphic editor. Nowadays he continues to collaborate with the ABC newspaper and Vocento publishing group. Since 2017 he also publishes regularly in El País Semanal. Moreover, since 2018, he has been the official co-photographer at the Palau de Les Arts de València and since 2021, he is also official co-photographer at the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM).

Bio David Linuesa (València, 1983) - Spain
Graduated in Audiovisual Communication and Higher Technician in Artistic Photography, David has carried out a multitude of audiovisual projects and has won several awards. He has worked as a television and documentary producer, press photographer and assistant to various fashion photographers. He is currently in charge of the production company Áqaba Media. His most important commissions include pieces for Magnum Foundation, Leica Gallery and Fuji. His works combine photography and video, covering a wide spectrum ranging from advertising, documentary, gastronomy videos, corporate or portrait photography, without leaving aside the more personal projects that have accompanied him since the beginning of his photographic career.

Monday, Friday 15 - 19 May 2023
10am - 5pm
To participate in the workshop, please send a short letter of motivation and a Portfolio by 10.May to email DARATALTASWEER@GMAIL.COM


Visual storytelling
Alessio Mamo & Marta Bellingreri

Visual storytelling workshop addressed to photographers and/or journalists who would like to work in team how to build a photo story, from the research and study of the topic until the publication; imagine before producing the visual storytelling; reflect on the subjects’ perspectives, people-centered approach and intersectional methodology; produce innovative photo materials in order to protect people’s identities when requested; strong ethical and positive attitude in respectfully approaching vulnerable groups and individuals while working under pressure in complex environments. Team composed by photographer Alessio Mamo and journalist and writer Marta Bellingreri

Alessio Mamo, photojournalist and two times World Press Photo award winner (both times in projects we developed as a team in Jordan and Syria). He regularly collaborates as a photojournalist for the Guardian newspaper and for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Italy and in the Balkans, East Europe and Ukraine.
Marta Bellingreri, Arabic-speaking independent journalist and researcher, with a PhD in Gender Studies in the Middle East. Her interest in the Middle East began in 2005, her journalistic activities after 2011’s revolutions, prolonged experience in different MENA countries.

25-28 May 2023

To participate in the workshop, please send a short letter of motivation and a Portfolio by 20.May to email DARATALTASWEER@GMAIL.COM