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12th edition | 2024

The Image Festival Amman
12th Edition

The Image Festival Amman, organized by Darat Al Tasweer since 2011 in partnership with many local and international institutes, aims to provide a platform for photographers in the region, attract a wider audience, and create opportunities for sustainable cultural exchanges involving both professional and amateur photographers. Altogether, more than 400 photographers from all over the world presented their work in the framework of the Festival, becoming an anticipated cultural event in the capital, known as well as the longest cultural event to happen in Amman and the region that associates a great number of partners and artists. After the first edition in 2011, a theme that guidelines the Festival was proposed: [ Re ] evolution in 2012, Macro & Me in 2013. Together in 2014, Future in 2016, Identity in 2017, Home in 2018, and Wandering was the theme of the 8th edition of the Festival in 2019. In 2020 for the 9th edition due to the lockdown, we had to cancel the festival, but we managed to launch it in September 2021 under the theme “Filastine”. The Festival celebrated its 10th edition under the theme “Gratitude” in September 2022, and in May 2023 we held the 11th edition of the festival under the theme “Roots” with 29 exhibitions from all over the world, in 15 different venues in Amman. The 12th edition of the Festival will be under the theme “Existence” May 2024. Presenting 26 exhibitions in 11 venues in Amman, showing work from all over the world with a special dedication for our colleagues from Gaza, Palestine to show their work during this ongoing war. In addition to exhibitions related to the theme, the Festival offers workshops, meetings with guest photographers, portfolio readings by professionals, residential programs, publications, and a photography competition.

Linda Al Khoury

This edition of the Image Festival Amman comes in a very difficult circumstances, the genocidal war on Gaza is continuing, and we are witnessing wars in many places around us, in addition to the climate changes, all that makes us question our existence. The festival collaborate even year with many international and local organizations and institutes, this year we took a decision not to collaborate with any party that did not support the ceasefire to put an end to the war in Gaza. Here comes the important role of local cooperation, to support the sustainability of cultural projects. The Image Festival Amman, is an open forum for photographers from all over the world to show their work and to tell their stories, with a special dedication for our colleagues from Gaza, Palestine to show their work during this ongoing war. We would like to thank who contributed with us this year to make this special distinguished edition a success. We hope that wars in the world will end, and people will be able to live a safe and peaceful life.


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